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Friday Tournaments

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Dirks Niteclub

7662 Broadway

Lemon Grove, CA 91945 | Map

619-469-6344 | Yelp

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Time:8:00 PM
Money Added:Unknown
Side Pots:10 Ball Pot
Race:1 Game
Ball In Hand:Yes
Rule:Call Pocket
Table Size:7 Ft.
Tables in Use:2
Cueball Size:Small
Noise Level:Moderate
Space to Play:Good

Description: $ 7 entry fee includes 8 ball pot. Ball in hand, Call pocket, Open after break. Scratch on break, shoot from behind line (kitchen) Sink 8 ball on break is a win unless you scratch the cue bull (then its a loss) Red dots are the cue balls we use. Double elimination. 10 ball pot ($ 1 per ticket) is optional. Call Rolf For information: 619-977-9703

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October 15, 2021

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